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John Bellamy

IT Technician +

About Me

Professional technologist-technician in a wide variety of fields, predominately IT/Media but spanning into industrial areas. 


Independent Technician-IT Consultant

2001 - Present
Component selection, building & configuration of computers for a variety of applications.

Servers, render farms, workstations for video, 3D audio.
Internet configuration.
IPTV setup.
Network creation, configuration, wiring.
Camera repair.
Lighting installation & repair.
Electrical engine repair.
Musical instrument repair.
General electric & electronics.
Automobile electrical & car stereo installation.
Fridge & stove repair.

Industrial Maintenance Technician-Scania

2020- 2021
Component selection, building & configuration of computers.
Workstation repairs
Lighting installation & repair.
Electrical engine repair.
Process Machinery troubleshooting & Repair.
General electric & electronics.

Level 2 IPTV RT (resolution team) Technician

Bell Telecommunications, May 2014 - July 2015
Delivered IT services as part of Bells IPTV-RT resolution team that handled service installation, configuration and issue resolution for business, residential and technical issues of its services, equipment, and communications systems along with onsite Technician installations/servicing.

Normal and specialty software-based testing tools used to troubleshoot and analyze network conditions and potential points of trouble as well as hardware knowledge.
Technical support for streaming internet TV.
Business TV & Internet.
Residential TV & Internet.
POS (Point of Sale) Systems.
Service & equipment installation support to technicians.

Large format print and IT technician

Aire Image, May 2014 - July 2015
Building new network and print server to increase production.

Configure workstations for a mixed PC-MAC file sharing environment.
Recreate and configure network switches, servers, and workstations.
Network and configure large format printers.
Production operation of print and other machinery.
Fix telephony system.
Upgrade workstation system software.
Perform system backups.

President & CEO, IT director...and more

Myotte Bellamy Productions Inc. Animation & FX, August 2001 - July 2014
In this role, I wore many hats.
I was president and CEO, IT director, network manager & technician, Production manager and director, HR.
It had provided me with a great deal of experience that has allowed me to solve problems and work with people across different levels both internally and externally in business.
Plan, direct and manage different clients and staff for a digital media production environment.
Plan computer resources and build from scratch workstations and servers for production pipeline.
Configure network & security.
Perform upgrades & backups.
Test equipment & integrate new technology and software into the production pipeline.
Train employees on new software.
Create and set up remote desktop and monitoring of production machines.
Administrate renderfarm, resource & storage servers.
Create and administrate user profiles.
Hard drive duplication.
Hard and soft RAID setup.
Electrical installation & UPS selection and management.
Client facing.
Troubleshooting and resolution.
Wire & cabling.

Machine Technologist - Operator

Vaisar Advanced Wood Technologies Inc. 1995 - 1996
Carried out specialty IT maintenance and operation of a custom made thermo-vaporization saw.
Machine operation & maintenance.
CAD design of wood products.
IT support.
Audio Visual Department, Concordia University, Montreal Canada. (1997-2001)
Provided a large range of IT and department specific tasks including equipment and software training.
Computer system setups & network installation/configuration.
Service & equipment installation for guest speakers and provide IT support.
Computer upgrading, builds, configuration, optimization, networking. Sound studio operation, maintenance & instruction.
Hardware and facility maintenance.
AV cabling.
Equipment and accessories repair.
Concordia University Media Labs, Montreal Canada. (1997-2001)
Media Labs technician.
Software installation
Cable and machine maintenance & reparation.
Computer Networking.
Software & Equipment planning.
Concordia University Design Art Computer Lab, Montreal Canada. (1997-2001)
Design Art Computer Lab technician.
Adobe Suites.
2D &3D Animation packages.
Computer Networking.

Media Cart Designer

Phillips Lighting Division, 1994
Hired to create an industrial process recording cart for evaluating manufacturing processes of its lighting products.
Formed reference manual and gave operation training of the system to staff and employees.

Electonics Eng. Technician | MAC Division (machine assemblies & controls)

MITEC Electronics LTD Dec 1992 - June 1993
Performed all duties of an electronics technician in testing and verification of controls for electronic telecommunications products.
Checking schematics.
Wiring & assembly of telecommunication microwave guide units.
User interface design & LCD testing.
CAD (VersaCAD, ORCAD, HIWire).
Circuit board assembly & soldering.
QC testing.

IT Consultant Film/TV

Various years 1986 - Ongoing
I have been involved in the IT side of many films as a combination of other roles that I have held due to my technical background. This meant combining both networking and computer technician roles with media production allowing the productions to flow smoothly and be able to deliver the material for shots as intended.
The Fixer | TV Mini-Series, Muse Entertainment (2014)
RED 2 | Feature Film, DC Entertainment (2013)
SERIE 2 | TV Series, Casablanca Prod. (2012)
Satan's School for Girls | TV Movie, ABC-Spelling Television (2000)
IT Consultant
Video & interactive content creation and playback.
PC & MAC computer configuration & repair.
Internet configuration & network issue resolution.
Content backup.
Computer selection.
FTP setup.


Internal IT training toward tools & new technologies and methods.
Internal courses in IPTV and Bells telecommunications networks for residential and business client products.

Language Skills


Software Skills

CAD: AutoCAD, VersaCAD, Rhino, Solidworks, Sketchup, Highwire
Adobe CS...Everything
Printing - Large Format, Flatbed, Offset, Standard, Flexography, Thermography
Office - MS Office Suite, Scanning, Faxing, Printing

Other Skills

Electromechanics - Electronics
Design CAD
Machine Control - PLC



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