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John Bellamy
+46 7 07 28 07 62

Electrotechnologist: Industrial Automation & Controls
IT & Electronics Technician


Computer-Server Building: Component selection, building & configuration of computers for a variety of applications. Ie.: Servers, render farms, workstations for video, 3D, audio.
Internet configuration.
IPTV Diagnostics, troubleshooting & setup.
Network creation, configuration, wiring.
Camera repair.
Home lighting installation & repair.
Electrical engine repair.
Musical instrument repair.
General electric & electronics.
Automobile electrical & car stereo installation.
Fridge & stove repair.
Diagnostics and problem resolution and documentation of Industrial process machinery and robotics.
Siemans PLC trouble shooting and programming.
Diagnostics and problem resolution to all forms of IT and process related equipment.
Diagnostics and problem resolution and documentation of telecommunications hardware and subsystems delivering fiberoptic and copper-based IT services nationwide in Canada.
Technical support for IPTV streaming TV & internet services.
Business & residential TV & Internet.
Diagnostics and problem resolution of POS (Point of Sale) Systems.
Diagnostics and problem resolution to service & equipment installation support to onsite installation-service technicians.

Large format Print Technician - Network Admin

Aire Image (2014)
Large Format printer maintenance & operation.
Creation of new print servers, RIPS and configuration of mixed PC-MAC production environment.
Configure network switches, servers, workstations and printers.
Production operation of lamination, cutting and other machinery.
Fix telephony system.
Upgrade workstation & hardware system software.
Perform system backups.

CTO - President..and more

Myotte Bellamy Prod. Inc. Animation & FX (2001-2014)
President | CEO | CTO | Production Designer | Art Director | Video Editor | Animator | Designer | UX/DX | VR-MR-AR
Plan, direct and manage different clients and staff for a digital media production environment.
Plan computer resources and build workstations and servers from scratch for production pipeline.
Configure network & security.
Perform upgrades & backups.
Test equipment & integrate new technology and software into the production pipeline.
Train employees on new software.
Create and set up remote desktop and monitoring of production machines.
Administrate renderfarm, resource & storage servers.
Create and administrate user profiles.
Hard drive duplication.
Hard and soft RAID setup.
Electrical installation & UPS selection and management.
Client facing.
Troubleshooting and resolution.
Wiring & cabling.

Cinema IT Tech Consultant

Video & interactive content creation and playback.
PC & MAC computer configuration & repair.
Internet configuration & network issue resolution.
Content backup.
Computer selection.
FTP setup.

Machine Technician - Designer

Technologist - Technician for 3-axis thermal CNC controlled saw.
PLC installation & maintenance for CNC controlled 3-axis cutter.
CAD design of wood products.
IT support.

Technical Writer - Animator - Technician

Verification of engineering documentation & technical information between departments for integration into current outgoing client manuals.
Technical writer for laser inspection system products.
Prepared graphics and created 3D animations of systems for sales tools.

Electronics Technician

Technician for AI controlled welding systems.
Technician for microwave guidance controllers & electronics.
Wiring & assembly of products for telecommunications microwave guide units.
User interface design and LCD testing.
Checking schematics.
Circuit testing of electronic assemblies.
Circuit board assembly & soldering.
CAD (VersaCAD, ORCAD, HIWire).
Quality control testing.
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